I'm a photographer based in Switzerland.

My reportage is focused on craftsmanship, social documentary and portrait.

On my journey, i'm always seeking the essence of the country and the people behind the facade of tourism and congestion. I appreciate the chance to meet natives and learn from their cultures.

My passion is classic black and white photography. Working with film and the time in the darkroom is my meditation.

I want to keep it simple but meaningful. A photograph is a fragment of a moment, but the frame creates a new world for the beholder.

I'm open minded and interested to the little stories and fates that shift our world. My camera is my companion to record them.


Foto Lang AG, Switzerland
Feb – April 2013

Stadtkirche Thun, Switzerland
Pictures from Schranz Geigenbau
June 9, 2017

Goldschmiede Flück, Switzerland
Selected works
Nov 2017

Publications / Projects

Pictures from Gotthard
for the book: "Es lächelt der See"
by Barbara Piatti, 2013

Pictures for homepage and illustrations
for Schranz Gigenbau, 2014 - 2017

Pictures for homepage and illustrations
for erifakeramik, 2017

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