I’m glad that Thomas C. Breuer have used a picture from our shooting
back in 2015 as the autors photo for his new book “Bahnfahring”.

EXHIBITION: Oct 29th - Nov 19th 2017

Location: Galerie Gold Schmiede Flück
Christoph Flück, Mühleweg 12, CH-4900 Langenthal | Phone: +41 62 923 00 32
E-mail: info(at) |

I’m excited to invite you to my first, comprehensive exhibition! At the “Galerie Gold Schmiede Flück”, i will show my work from the last ten years in street, portrait and reportage photography. I have spent a lot of time in the darkroom for the last few months to select and enlarge my black and white negatives. It
was very instructive and like a timetravel to me and i can’t wait to
see them hanging on the walls at this exceptional gallery.

It’s a pleasure for me to run this exhibition together with masterly ceramist Erika Fankhauser Schürch

She will show her beautiful porcelain work “back to the lines”, an artistic
reminder on topographic lines, made in a very special way of using
materials and burning.

I’m curious to see our diifferent works combined at the same place.

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