"With my photo essays, I want to preserve the evanescent heritage of ancient customs and artisanry. On my journeys, I want to capture the essence of a country.
I appreciate the chance to meet natives and learn from their cultures. When I work with people, I portray them regarding their known environment or profession to create a deeper visual context. My passion is classic black-and-white photography. Taking pictures with film and the work in the darkroom is my meditation. I keep it simple but meaningful. A picture is only a fragment of a moment that attracts my attention, the composition offers its own interpretation for the audience. I am open-minded and interested in the little stories and fates that shape our world. The camera is my tool to record them."

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Born 1983 in Switzerland

Beside his education as a car mechanic in 2001 and as a business man in 2005, Patrik always been fascinated by photography since his mother gifted him his first camera when he was about six years old. With mentorship and contribution of many others, he taught himself in photography and his own view and visuell language begun to take shape. Finally in 2011, he started to work as an independent photographer for several clients and publishers. His projects are focused on social documentary, traditional craftsmanship and artistry.


2017: Galerie Gold Schmiede Flück, Switzerland, Selected works

2017: Stadtkirche Thun, Switzerland, Pictures from Schranz Geigenbau

2013: Foto Lang AG, Switzerland, Portraits


Author Portrait for the book "Bahnfahring" by Thomas C. Breuer, 2017

Pictures for website and illustration for erifakeramik, 2017

Pictures for website and illustration for Schranz Gigenbau Thun, 2014 - 2017

Pictures from Gotthard for the book "Es lächelt der See" by Barbara Piatti, 2013

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